Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 37 - 1 Number Jan - 1993

Review Article
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Review Article

Toxicology of Lead : Some Recent Observations : Sushil K. Tandon and MadJuu B. Suri ...3

Original Article

Regional Metabolism of 5-HydroxytIyptarnine in Brain under Acute and Chronic Heat Stress : Sangita Dey, P. K. Dey and H. S. Sharma ...8

Contranidatory Activity of Early Luteal Phase Administration of Mifepristone in the Rhesus Monkey : Debabrata Ghosh, Pradip De and Jayasree Sengupta ...13

Urinary Bladder Serosal Chemoreceptor induced Cardio-Respiratory Responses: Possible Pathway : Nilima Shankar, Neena Bhattacharya and Kamal N. Sharma ...19

The Effect of Bilateral Gastric Vagotomy and Histamine Stimulation on Parietal Cell Activity in Streptozotocin induced Diabetic Rat Model : Nalin Mehta, Susheela Velialh and D. P. Thombre ...30

Effect of Acute Haemodilution on Right Atrial Type-A Receptor Activity and Right Atrial Pressure in Anaesthetized Cats : Snehasis Bhunia and M. Fahim ...35

Role of Caudate Nucleus on Modulation of Blood Pressure Responses in Cat : Jaiprakash Rama Pednekar, Jolly Francisco Mascarenhas and Vilas Keshav Mulgaonker ...40

Energy Expenditure and Ventilatory Responses during Virasana - A Yogic Standing Posture : L. Rai and K. Ram ...45

P3 Event Related Cerebral Evoked Potential in Chronic Pain Patients : Om P. Tandon and Sanjay Kumar ...51

Autonomic Functions during different Phases of Menstrual Cycle : Veena Mehta and A. S. Chakrabarty ...56

The Effect of Capsaicin on the small Intestinal Absorption of Glucose and Alanine in the Rat : Malim Udupihille ...59

Effect of rUCD on Human Uterine Fluid Protein Concentration throughout the Menstrual Cycle : Farida Bano, Ajit K. Dubey and Chiuaranjan K. Singh ...63

Adverse Reactions to Propranolol, A Non-Selective ~-Adrenergic Blocking Agent in Hypertensive Patients - A Collaborative Study: K. C. Garg, K. C. Singhal, S. Kumar and Avtar Lal ...67

Serum Level of Iron and Transferrin in Normal and Anaemic Pregnant Women : U. Singhal, S. Mohsin, K. Saini and K. C. Singhal ...71

Effect of Interaction between Glucose or Sodium Chloride Ingestion and Ovarian Hormones on some Endocrine Organs in Rats : Prema Venkatesh and J. F. Mascarenhas ...75

Effects of Trichloroethylene Anaesthesia on Salivary Paracetamol Elimination : K. Ray, C. C. Sahana, S. B. Chaudhuri, G. C. De and K. Chatterjee ...79

Improved Colorimetric Method for Cholinesterase Activity : B. V. Yenkataraman, M. A. Naga Rani, C. Andrade and Thangam Joseph ...82

Effect of Country liquor (Indian Alcoholic Beverage) on Carcinogen Activating and Detoxifying Enzymes : M. B. A. Zariwala, J. J. Kayal and S. V. Bhide ...85

Short Communication

Effect of Antihypertensive Drugs on Ethanol Induced Gastric Lesions: Is there a Correlation with Mucosal Blood Flow? : Padmanabb V. Rataboli, Rosa S. Diniz D'Souza and Vishwanatb G. Dhume ...88

Ocimum Sanctum Linn - A Study on Gastric Ulceration and Gastric Secretion in Rats : S. Mandai, D. N. Das, Kamala De, K. Ray, G. Roy, S. B. Chaudhuri, C. C. Sahana and M. K. Chowdhuri ...91

Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase in Head and Neck: Malignancy Patients : S. K. Singh, S. A. Hasan, S. C. Sharma, K. Chandra and Rashid Ali ...93