Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 37 - 2 Number Jan - 1993

Orignial Articles
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Original Article

Effects of Mesencephalic Lesion on Testes, Seminal Vesicles and Adrenal Glands of Albino Rats : M. Abid Ali ...97

Effects of Stress on Organ Weight in Rats : Sandip R. Desai, Marjorie E. Abraham and Jolly F. Mascarenhas ...104

Magnesium and Reserprine Influence Norepinephrine Sensitivity of Vas Difference in Rats : D. N. Gandhi and H. Venkatakrishna-Bhatt ...109

Effect of Lead on Anorexia and Body Weight in Albino Rats : R. J. Amin, H. VenlcalalcTishna-Bhatt and G. M. Panchal ...115

Midbrain Adrenergic Mechanism Modulating Predatory Attack Behaviour Induced by Hypothalamic Stimulation : S. Saha, S. K. Manchanda, S. C . Bhatia and U. Nayar ...121

Midbrain Adrenergic Mechanisms Modulating Flight Behaviour Induced by Hypothalamic Stimulation : S. Saha, S. K. Manchanda, S. C. Bhatia and U. Nayar ...127

Effects of Ranitidine Alone and in Combinations with Chlorpheniramine on Histamine-induced Wheal and Flake and Psychomotor Performance : P. P. Khosla, N. Saha, A. Koul, A. Chakarabarti. A. Sankaranarayanan and P. L. Sharma ...132

Does Aerua LAnata have Diuretic Properties ? : Colvin Goonaratna,Ira Thabrew and Kumudu Wijewardena ...135

Prediction Equations for Maximal Volunty Ventilation in Non-smoking Normal Subjects in Madras : V. K. Vijayan, K. Sankaran, P. Venkatesan and K. V. Kuppurao ...138

A Computer Programme for Recording Male Sex Behaviour in Rats : H. N. Mallick, P. Tilakaranta, S. K. Manchanda and V. Mohan Kumar ...141

Short Communication

Reflex Reversal of Nostril Dominance by Application of Pressure to the Axilla by a Crotch : S. Mitti Mohan ..147

In Vilro Effect of Alloxan on Na+ K+-ATPase and Succinate Dehydrogenase Activities in Brain and liver of Mice : G. Mishra, S. R. Dos, R. Roulray and H. N. Behera ...151

Effect of Mianserin on Blood Glucose in Rabbits : Bhavyesh Gupta, Mahesh K. Shakarwal, Ashok Kumar and Bhuvaneshwar P. Jaju ...155

Effect of Anti-Platelet Therapy (Aspirin + Pentoxiphylline) on Plasma lipids in Patients of Ischaemic Stroke : S. P. S. Gaur, R. K. Garg, A. M. Kar and R. C. Srimal ...158

Programme for Drawing line Graph on IBM Personal Computers : N. Anandhkumar and A. Namasivayam ...161

Zinc Counteracts Experimentally-Induced Cirrhotic Changes in Rats : R. Vanaja and B. S. Gajalakshmi ...163

Brain Cholesterol and Phospholipid Levels in Cyprohepladine Treated Albino Rats : B. C. Kabi. Y. N. Rao, B. Parsi and A. S. Chakrabarty ...165

Letter to Editor

Arginine Vasopressin Potentiates Methyldopa-Induced Hypotension in Anaesthetised Wistar Rats : Manoj G. Tyagi, Mohammed A. Kamdod, Jeyaseelan, L. and Paul M. Stephen ...167