Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 37 - 3 Number July - 1993

Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor



Original Article

Successful Pregnancy with Reduced Ovarian Mass in the Rat : Subhash C. Juneja and Joseph C. Daniel Jr ...171

Altered Maternal Thyroid Function: Fetal and Neonatal Heart Cholesterol and Phospholipids : Ratan Kumar and B. N. Chaudhuri ...176

Endothelin-l and Carbachol: Defferences in Contractile Effects and Myosin Phosphorylation in Lamb Tracheal Smooth Muscle : Surender S. Katocb ...183

Gaba B Mediated Analgesia in Tonic Pain in Monkeys : Ratna Sharma, Rashmi Mathur and Usha Nayar ...189

Praziquantel Therapy in Neurocysticercosis : V. K. Srivastava, K. C. Singhal, Archana Srivastava and Ajay Agrawal ...194

Enhanced Na-k ATPase Activity in the Aorta May Explain the Unaltered Contractile Responses to KCl in
Diabetes Mellitus :
N. N. Orie, C. P. Aloamaka and A. B. Anihai ...199

Behavioural and Biochemical changes produced by Repeated Oral Administration of the Insecticide Endosulfan in
Immature Rats :
Vanaja Paul, S. Sheela, E. Balasubramaniam and Mehboob Kazi ...204

Autonomic Functions and Audiovisual Reaction Time in Heroin Addicts : Raj Kapoor, S. H. Singh and A. Gandhi ...209

Monitoring the Adverse Profile of Atenolol - A Collaborative Study : K. C. Garg, K. C. Singhal and Sant Kumar ...213

Effect of Enalapril, An Ace-Inhibitor, on Bronchial Responsiveness in Asthmatics : D. Talwar and S. K. Jindal ...217

Effect of Amonia, Urea and Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) on Lung Functions in Fertilizer Plant Workers : M. Ramesh Bhat and C. Ramaswamy ...221

Body Composition, Cardiovascular Endurance and Anaerobic Power of Yogic Practitioner : T. K. Bera and M. V. Rajapurkar ...225

The Effect of Aspirin Paracetamol and Analgin on Pharmacokinetics of Chloroquine : R. K. Raina, G. Bano, V. Am/a, V. Kapoor and K. L. Gupta ...229

Unwanted Effects of Ciprofloxacin in Indian Population : J. K. Grover ...232

A Study on Withdrawal Related Haemodynamic Response in Chronic Propranolol Treated Connscious Rats : A. Chakrabarti and P. L. Sharma ...235

Modification of Tricyclic Antidepressant Analgesia by Calcium Channel Blockers : Abhay V. Muthal and Chandrabhan T. Chopde ...238

Effect of Cimetidine on Adenohypophysis of Male Albino Mice Under Certain Experimental Conditions : Dhruba Chakraborty ...241

Infraadditive Diuretic Efficacy of Concurrent Aminophylline and Frusemide : S. K. Tongia, S. P. Dhaneria and P. Nyati ...244

Adverse Reacions Associated with Aminopencillns in Indian Population : J. K. Grover and D. Tyagi ...247

Influence of Pretreatment of Carbamates on Dynamic Pulmonary Mechanics in Rats Exposed to Sarin Aerosols : K. Hussain, Pravin Kumar, R. Yijayaraghavan, Ram Singh and S. Das Gupta ...249

Letter to Editor

Effect of Abana and Metoprolol on Serum Lipid Profile in Rabbits Fed Hyperlipidemic Diet : S. B. Pachori, Meeta Gupta and M. C. Pant ..252

Efficacy if Calcium Channel Blockers as an Adjunct in Therapy of Organophosphate Poisoning : S. Rohatgi, R. Bhattacharya and S. Das Gupta ...255

Blood in Non-Perfused Lung : S. A. Mir ...257

Effect of Organic and Inorganic Mercury on Serum Total and Perchloric Acid-Soluble Sialic Acids in Rats : A. B. Patel and H. Yenkatakrishna Bhatt ...259