Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 38 - 2 Number April - 1994


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Review Article

Pharmacology of Platelet Activation - Inhibitory Drugs : Gundu H. R. Rao and Anupama T. Rao : ...69

Original Articles

Inhibitory Effect of Spironolactone on the Contractions of the Rabbit Uterine Hom and the Human Myometrial Strip : Bekir Coksevim and Mehrne! Tayyar : ...85

Effects of Single Oral Doses of Scopoletin and Aflatoxin B, on the Clotting Time, Serum Cholesterol and Phospholipid Levels of Chicks ; S. C. Obasi, O. U. Njoku and O. Obidoa : ...89

General Pharmacology of Yitex Leucoxylon Linn Leaves : H. G. Makwana, B. Ravishankar, V. J. Shukla. R. Bhaskaran Nair. N. P. Yijayan C. K. Sasikala, V. N. Saraswathy and S. V. Bhall : ...95

Characteristics of Circadian Rhythm in Six Variables of Moming Active and Evening Active Healthy 1┬Ěluman Subjects : S. Gupta and A. K. Pati : ...101

Ovarian Sensitivity to Exogenous Gonadotrophins in Phenobarbital treated Unilaterally Ovariectomized Albino Rats : Prabhakara Rao Aduri and Saraswati Basavara] Patil : ...108

Effect of Pyridoxine Deficiency on Maturation of Neuromotor Coordinations : A. P. Krishna and T. Ramakrishna : ...113

Lung Function in Middle Distance Adolescent Runners : S. C. Lakhera, T. C. Kain and P. Bandopadhyay : ...117

Role of Human Placental Extract on Succinic Dehydrogenase Activity in Carrageenin-induced Edema in Rats In Vivo and its Effect on Erythrocyte Lysis, Platelet Aggregation and Trypsin Activity In Vitro : Kishore K. Banerjee. Anupam Bishayee and Malay Chatterjee : ...121

A Technique for Quantitative Measurement of Clonic Convulsions in Rats : Yanaja Paul and Mehboob Kazi : ...125

A Longitudinal Study of Pulmonary Function Tests during Pregnancy : B. M. Puranik, S. B. Kaore, G. A. Kurhade, S. D. Agrawal. S. A. Patwardhan and J. R. Kher ; ...129

Breathing Through a Particular Nostril can Alter Metabolism and Autonomic Activities ; Shirley Telles. R. Nagarathna and H. R. Nagendra : ...133

Possible Mechanism of Endosulfan-induccd Enhancement of Memory Acquisition and Retention in Mice : Yati Chugh, A. Sankaranarayanan and P. L. Sharma : ...138

Mytomycin C Induced Inhibition of Adrenal Steroidogenesis in Female Rats : S. Deb. B. N. Koley and C. Deb : ...141

Short Communication

Plasticity of Motor Control Systems Demonstrated by Yoga Training : Shirley Telles. B. H. Hanumaruhaiah, R. Nagarathna and II. R. Nagendra : ...143

Brain Stem Auditory Evoked Responses during the Cold Pressor Test : Neelam Vaney. Anand Sethi and Om Prakash Tandon ; ...145

Letter to Editor