Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 38 - 3 Number July - 1994


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Review Article

A Role for Cytokines in Early Pregnancy ; Nagappan Mathialagan and Michael Roberts ; ...153

Original Articles

Effect of Carbachol Injection in the Medial Preoptic Area on Sleepwakefulness and Body Temperature in Free Moving Rats : Anjana Talwar and Yelayudhan Mohan Kumar ; ...163

Evidence for Catecholamine-Depleting Action of Fluoxetine ; Milind R. Palil, Milan C. Salia, Anita A. Mehta and Remesh K. Goyal ; ..169

Some Hitherto Unreported findings on the Extragenital Effects of Progesterone in Human Females - A Clinical Study : S. K. Chaudhuri, A. Das, K. C. De and Malali Ghosh : ...174

Poly ADP Ribosylation as a Possible Mechanism of Microwave Biointeraction : Neeta Singh, Nandini Rudra, Poonam Bansal, Rashmi Mathur, 1. Behari and Usha Nayar : ...181

Control of Melanosome Movements in Isolated Skin Melanophores of Catfish Clarias Batrachus (Linn.) : Mohammad Ova is : ...185

Histological changes in Reptilean Spinal Cord Transection: Correlation with Functional Recovery : Vinod Kumar Srivastava, Veena Maheshwari, S. P. Tyagi and Shaukat Ali ; ...189

Evaluation of PGE, Gel for Cervical Ripening and Induction of Labour : Veena, K. Saxena and K. C. Singhal : ...193

Use of Antimony (V) Arsenosilicate Beads for Estimation of Iron Content of Ayurvedic and Allopathic Preparations : K. G. Varshney, Alka Gupta and K. C. Singhal : ...197

Histobiochemical changes in Lung of Protein deficient Rats following Repeated Exposures of MIC Vapour : Mahuya Bose, B. S. Jha and K. K. Dutta : ...202

A Preliminary Audit of Practice - Antibacterial Prophylaxis in General Surgery in an Indian Hospital Setting : M. V. Srishyla, M. S. Naga Rani, Sharat Damodar, B. V. Yenkataraman and Nandkumar Jairam : ...207

Species Variation in the Specificity of Cholinesterases in Human and Rat Blood Samples : B. V. Yenkataraman and M. A. Naga Rani : ...211

Correlation of Time Course of Blood Cholinesterases Activity and Toxic Manifestation of Acute Methylparathion in Antidote Treated Rats : B. V. VeniuJlaraman, M. A. Naga Rani, C. Andrade and Thangam Joseph : ...214

Effect of Thyroxine on Taste Hedonics in Rat : Sabyasachi S. Sircar and Sheila Bhatia : ...217

Hypoglycemic Effects of Leucodelphinidin Derivative Isolated from Ficus Bengalensis (Linn.) : B. S. Geetha and Biju C. Mathew : ...220

Pharmacological Effects of Azadirachia Indica (Ncern) Leaf Extract on the ECG and Blood Pressure of Rat : K. M. Koley and 1. Lal : ...223

Short Communication

An Inexpensive Method for Fabrication of Intracerebroventircular Cannulae for Rats : C. Kulkarni, J. David and T. Joseph : ...226

A Comparative Study of Visual and Auditory Reaction Times in Males and Females : Dhangauri Shenvi and Padma Balasubramanian : ...229

News and Announcement