Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 38 - 4 Number Oct - 1994

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Guest Editorial


Review Article

Drugs Influencing Cognitive Function : Alice Kuruvilla and Yasundara Devi ; ...241

Original Articles

Cardiovascular Responses to Phenylephrine and Sodium Nitroprusside during Acute Coronary Occlusion in Dogs : M. E. Hussain and M. Fahim : ...252

Potassium Channel Blockade Amplifies Cardiac Instability: Numerical Studies of Torsades De Points : C. F. Starmer, M. Ramasubba Reddy, A. Namasivayam and M. Singh : ...259

Cyclical Mastalgia - Is it a Manifestation of Aberration in Lipid Metabolism? : Ajay K. Sharma, Saroj K. Mishra, Salila M. , V. Ramesh and S. Bal : ...267

Effect of Oral Zinc Supplementation on Copper and Haemoglobin Levels in Pregnant Women : Hemani K. Garg, K. C. Singhal and Z.Arshad : ...272

Some Observations on Clinical and Neurophysiological changes in Subjects Consuming Indigenous Alcohol ; S.Jha and D.Nag :...277

Cyanide Induced changes in Dynamic Pulmonary Mechanics in Rats : R. Bhattacharya, Pravin.Kumar andA. S. Sachan ; ...281

An Evaluation of the Assess Peak Flow Meter on Human Volunteers : Emmanuel Arunkumar Yenkatesan, S. Walter and Debidas Ray ; ... 285

Ketosis Resistant Diabetes of the Young: A Profile of its Exocrine and Endocrine Pancreatic Dysfunction : S;S. Sidhu, P. Shah, S. Srikant and R. K. Tandon : ...289

Serum Magnesium: A Prognostic Tool of Acute Myocardial Infarction ; Govind Mohan and V. K. Jain : ...294

Influence of Handedness on the Visual and Auditory Reaction Time ; Anuradha Sathiamoorthy, S. S.Sathiamoorthy, S. Krishnamoorthy Bhat, Sanjeev Hiremath and Nagesh Shenoy : ...297

Zinc Levels in Maternal and Cord Blood and in Amniotic Fluid - A Possible Marker for Foetal Malformation : R. Sharma, K. Tewari, K. C. Singhal, M. Gupta and Veena : ..300

Cross Reactivity ofCephalosporins with Penicillin : H. L. Dhar and D. N. Kulkarni : ...303

Inhibition of Tumour Promotion in Mice by Eugenol : K. Sukumaran.M, C. Unnikrishnan and RamadasanKuttan ; 306

Study on Modification of Hypoglycaemic Effect of Quinine by Doxycycline in Albino Rats ; lmoba Singh Thokchom : ...309

Changes in the Blood Lipid Profile after Administration of Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) Leaves in the Normal Albino Rabbits : Angshlfla Sarkar, S. C. Lavania, D. N. Pandey and M. C. Pant : ...311

Effect of Different Feeding Schedules on Food Intake in Caudate Lesioned Rats ; D. P. Thombre, N. Krishnamurthy and G. K. Pal ; ...313

Influence of Ranitidine on the Hypoglycaemic Activity of Glibenclamide and Tolbutamide in Rabbits : Y. S. R. Krishnaiah, S. Satyanarayana and D, Visweswaram : ...316

Short Communication