Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 39 - Number 3 July - 1995

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Elie Metchnikoff (1845-1916) ; ...175

Review Articles

Oxygen Toxicity and Antioxidants : State of the ART : Chandan K. Sen : ...177

Growth Factors in Pregnancy : Jason C. Cooper and Andrew M. Sharkey ; ...197

Orignial Articels

Renin-Like Activity in the Rat Epididymes : C. Uchendu : ...204

Co-localization of c-fos Protein and Protein Kinase C y in the Rat Brain following Anodal Polarization ; Nadira Islam, Akiyoshi Moriwaki and Yasuo Hori ; ...209

Effect of Acute Haemodilution on Right Atrial Type-B Receptors Activity in Anaesthetized Cats : Snehasis Bhunia, Neena Bhattacharya and M. Fahim ; ...216

Effects of Sex Steroids on the Concentrations of some Brain Neurotransmitters in Male and Female Rats: Some New Observations ; A. Das and S. K. Chaudhuri : ...223

Cyclodiene Insecticides-induced changes in the Central Depressive Effect of Chlorpromazine in Rats : E. Balasubramaniam, Vanaja Paul and Mehboob Kazi : ...231

Comparative Effects of Atenolol versus Nifedipine on Serum Lipids and other Biochemical Parameters in Diabetic and Non-diabetic Hypertensive Subjects : Milan C. Satia, Mahesh L. Shukla and Ramesh K. Goyal ; ...237

Studies on Psychomotor Performance in Healthy Volunteers after Diazepam, Propranolol and Alcohol given Alone or in Combination : V. Khajuria, B. Kapoor and R. K. Raina : ...242

A Comparative Study of Prescribing Pattern at different Levels of Health Care Delivery System in Bangalore District : M. V. Srisyla, M. A. Naga Rani, B. V. Venkataraman and C. Andrade : ...247

Administration of the Plasticizer DI (2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate Alters Glycoconjugate Profile : S. Seluem 'and S. Nagini :...252

Comparison of Pulmonary Function Amongst Ladakhi, Delhi, Vanvasi and Siddi Boy Athletes : S. C. Lakhera and T. C. Kain ; ... 255

Role of Hyperphagia in Structural changes of small Intestine during Lactation : Utpal K. Datta, Atindra N. Datta and Sukumar Mukherjee : ...259

Vitamin E Protects Intestinal Basolateral Membrance from CMF-induced Damages in Rat : S. Subramaniam, Shyama Subramaniam and C. S. Shyamala Deuii : ...263

Pharmacodynamic Effects of Pilocarpine Eye Drop Enhanced by Decreasing its Volume of Instillation : Autar Lal, V. Kataria, A. Rajpal and N. Khanna : ... 267

Alloxan Diabetes in Swiss Mice: Activity of Na+-K+-ATPase and Succinic Dehydrogenase : G. Mishra, R. Routray, S. R. Das and H. N. Behera : ...271

Protection of CCL4-induced Liver Damage in Rats by some Calcium Channel Blockers : J. Singh, A. H. Kaur and S. K. Mathur : ...275

Effects of Amitriptyline on Blood Glucose Level in Rabbits : Bhavyesh Gupta, Mahesh K. Shakarwal, Ashok Kumar and Bhuuraneshuiar P. Jaju : ...279

The Isolated Air Perfused Rat Heart : B. V. Venkataraman, S. Dutta, J. Czekajeweki, L. Nennerfelt and C. Williams : ..283

Serum Lipid Profile in Children of Coronary Heart Disease Patients : Wajid Ali, Amin Bandh and Masood Ul Hassan : ...287

Effect of Thyroxine on Experimental Bronchospasm in Guineapigs : D. N. Das, D. Bagchi, S. Mandai, K. De, S. B. Chaudhuri, S. Dutta, K. Roy, G. Roy and S. Saha : ...290

Effects of Nitroxazepine on Diastolic Blood Pressure in Mild Hypertensive Patients - A Short Term Clinical Study : N. D. Balani, S. M. Parhate, V. R. Thawani and A. M. Deshpande : ...293

Short Communication

Effect of Angiotensin converting Enzyme Inhibitor (Captopril) on Gastric Ulcer Production in Pylorus Ligated Rats : Sumangala P. Rao, Anuradha Sathiamoorthy and S. S. Sathiamoorthy ; ...296

Effect of Application of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid at the Medial Preoptic Area on Sleep-Wakefulness ; Divya Maitreya Chari, Vijay Ramesh, Joshi John and Velayudhan Mohan Kumar : ...299

Letters to editor

Parmacokinetics of Antipyrine and Theophylline: Unaltered by Multi-dose Omeprazole Treatment in Rabbits ; S. M. Chandrashekhar, A. Chakrabarti and S. K. Garg ; ...302

Hepatic Functions in Epileptics on Sodium Valproate Monotherapy : S. Jha, D. K. Agarwal, R. Shukla, D. Nag and R. C. Saxena : ...305

Metronidiazole Extravasation Causing Digital Gangrene : Anil Bharani, B. P. Chattopadhyay, Praveen Dani and K. D. Bhargava ; ...307

News and Announcement





Guidelines for Classification of New Receptor-subtypes ; ....312