Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 39 - Number 4 Oct - 1995

Orignial Articles
Short Communication



Out of the Dumps by Blocking the Serotonin Pump : ... 313

Original Articles

Dependence of Fatigue Properties on the Pattern of Stimulation in the Rat Diaphragm Muscle : Asuman Golgeli, Cigdem Ozesmi and Mustafa Ozesmi : ...315

Exercise Training Generates Ascorbate Free Radicals in Rat : Satu M. Somani and Carmen M. Arroyo : ...323

Helium/Oxygen Flow Volume Curves in Normal Indian Males >50 Year and the Effect of Bronchodilator Aerosols on Airflow Variables in this Subject Group : M. B. Dikshit, H. K. Vats and C. K. Gupta : ...330

Amygdalar Involvement in Pain : Narasaiah B. Mena, Rashmi Mathur and Usha Nayar : ...339

Mutagenicity and Anti-Mutagenicity of Selected Spices : K. K. Soudamini, M. C. Unnihrishnan, K. Sukumaran and R. Kuttan : ...347

Peripheral Immune Response in Albino Rats following Cerebroventricular and Intraperitoneal Antigen Challenge ; R. Sheela Deoi, B. Shoba, A. R. Jayakumar, R. Muthusamy and A. Namasioayam : ...354

Hypotensive Effect of Intracerebroventricular Injection of Norepinephrine and its Modulation by Alpha and Beta Adrenergic Blockers in Conscious Rabbits : B. Krishna, M. E. Hussain, A. S. Chakrabarty, A. K. Jain, K. Chakrabarty and M. Fahim ; ...361

Electrical and Chemical Stimulation of the same Hypothalamic Loci in Relation to Aggressive Behaviour in Cats - A Comparison Study : S. C. Bhatia, S. K. Manchanda, B. K. Kapoor and I. S. Aneja : ...369

Preventive Action of Zinc against Lead Toxicity : Narinder K. Satija and Anjana G. Vij : ... 377

Myosin Light Chains (MLCs) Heterogeneity in Mammalian Smooth and Cardiac Muscle : R. K. Malhotra, Surender S. Katoch, Ramesh Kumar and Ambrish Sood : ... 383

Cost Effective Computerised Analysis of Biological Signals : Sanjay K. Jain and K. K. Deepak ; ...389

Timely Administration of Extract of Ferula Jaeschkeana Causes Luteolysis in the Ovary of Cyclic Guineapig : Sandhya Pathak, Sheel Jonathan and A. O. Prakash : ...395

Rational Drug Therapy as Evaluated from Student's Clinical Case Reports : K. Kohli, A. K. Kela and V. L. Mehta : ...400

Correction of Anemia and Iron Deficiency in Vegetarians by Administration of Ascorbic Acid : Dinesh C. Sharma and Rati Mathur : ...403

Prevention of Hypercholesterolemia and Atherosclerosis in Rabbits after Supplementation of Myristica Fragrans Seed Extract : Arti Sharma, Ritu Mathur and V. P. Dixit ; ...407

Serum Calcium Magnesium and Inorganic Phosphorous Levels during various Phases of Menstrual Cycle : Asha K. Pandya, S. Chanduiani, Tarun K. Das and Kaushik D. Pandya ; ...411

Biologically Active Principles Isolated from Salacia Oblonga Wall ; K. T. Augusti, Paulson Joseph and T. D. Babu ; ...415

Short Communication

Autonomic Changes during "OM" Meditation : Shirley Telles, R. Nagarathna and H. R. Nagendra : ...418

Neuropharmacological Effects of Ivermectin : R. S. Kanwar and C. Varshneya ; ...421

Role of Testosterone on pain Threshold in Rats ; Jaiprakash Rama Padnekar and Vilas Keshau Mulgaonker ; ...423