Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 40 - Number 2 April - 1996

Orignial Articles
Short Communications
Letter to Editor


The Scourge that Was ...107

Original Articles

Interaction of Calcium Channel Blockers with different Agonists in Aorta from Normal and Diseased Rats : Praveen Bhugra and O. D. Gulati ...109

Interaction of Calcium Channel Blockers (CCBS) with Histamine and 5-Hydroxytryptamine in Aorta from Normal and Diseased Rats : Praueen Bhugra and O. D. Gulati ...120

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in a Random Healthy Population of Coimbatore : Vimala Jepegnanam, Getsie Amirtharaj, Sulochana, Damodarasamy and V. Madhusudhan Rao ...127

Changes; in Phospholipids and Acetylcholinesterase during Early Phase of Injury to Spinal Cord An Experimental Study in Rats : L. Cherian, A. Kuruuilla, M. J. Chandy and J. Abraham ...134

Hyper Insulinism and Decreased Insulin Sensitivity in Nonobese Healthy Offspring of Conjugal Diabetic Parents and Individuals with IGT and NIDDM : Chippada Appa Rao and C. Snehalatha ...139

Vasopressor Response in Autosomal Dominant Cerebellar Ataxias : K. K. Singh, S. Jain, K. K. Deepak, K. P. Kochhar, M. C. Maheshwari and S. K. Manehanda ...145

A Study of Physiological Changes in Certain Psychosomatic Disorders with Reference to Cortisol, Blood Glucose and Lipid Profile : K. K. Mishra and H. P. Pandey ..151

Role of Murraya Koenigii (Curry Leaf) and Brassiea Juneea (Mustard) in Lipid Peroxidation : Beena A. Khan, Annie Abraham and S. Leelamma ...155

Effect of Pre-treatment of some Calcium Channel Blockers on Catalepsy and Stereotypic Behaviour in Rats : Suchet D. Khanzode, Sunil M. Mahakalkar, N. R. Belorkar, Vishwas T. Kharkar and Motiram S. Manekar ...159

Central Serotonergic and Histaminergic Modulation of Peripheral Inflammation and Nociception in Rats : Vinod K. Dumha, Surendra K. Tandon, Harish C. Tripathi and V. Raviprakash ...163

Alcohol Dehydrogenase Activity in Mouse Brown Adipose Tissue : D. V. Muralidhara and M. Desautels ...167

Serum Lipids ABO Blood Group and Sickle Cell Trait : O. U. Njoku, l. C. Ononogbu, E. O. Alumunan and J. Nwanjoh ...171

Median Nerve Somatosensory Evoked Potentials - Correlation with Physical Parameters : Neelam Yaney, Suneet Gupta, Shailender Aggarwal and O. P. Tandon ...175

Effects of Chelation Therapy on Hepatic Glutathione, Lipid Peroxidation and Phospholipid Contents in Lead-Poisoned Rats : A. S. Sachan, G. M. Kannan, Prauin Kumar and J. S. Flora ...180

Cyclosporin A-induced Changes in Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity in the Rat Kidney in vitro and in vivo Assay : M. Rajeswara Rao, Vijaya K. Kanji, V. V. Setty, C. Wang, A. K. Salahudeen, Suman K. Das and H. H. P. Cohly ...183

Short Communications

New Simple Ink Writing Pen System for Kymograph Recording : Vojislav S. Pantie and Senka M Pantie ...186

Letter to Editor

Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Activities of 1-[2-(Substituted Benzothiazole)]-1,3-Diethyl-4-Aryl Guanidines : P. R. Naik, S. N. Pandeya and Alka Pandey ...189

Hypoglycemic Effect of Terfenadine in Patients of Allergic Rhinitis : A. Chakravarti, A. La! and S. K Vishwakarma ...191

Brain Dopamine in Experimental Diabets : R. Ramakrishnan, N. Suthanthirarajan and A. Namasivayam ...193