Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 41 - Number 1 Jan - 1997


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Paul Ehrlich : father of three ...1

Review Article

Pathogenesis of Peptic Ulcer Disease and Current Trends in Therapy : Jagruti K. Desai, Ramesh K. Goyal and Narayan S. Parmar ...3

Original Articles

Pulmonary Responses during Cold Induced Acute Pain : O. P. Tandon, A. Himani and S. Singh ...16

Physiological Properties of Rat Hind Limb Muscles after 15 days of Simulated Weightless Environment : P. K. Jain, P. K. Banerjee, N. S. Baboo and E. M. lyer ...23

Pulmonary Function Studies in Rowers : C. Kesavachandran, R. Sanil, R. Harihumaran. Nair, Arun A. Rauf and S. S hashidhar ...29

Effect of Schedule Feeding on Water Intake and Urine Output in Rats : B. S. Rao ...35

Evaluation of Inhibotory Effect of Diphenhydramine on Benzodiazepine Dependence in Rats : C. Nath, G. K. Patnaik, R. C. Saxena and M. B. Gupta ...42

Total Body Water Measurements by Deuterium Dilution in Adult Indian Males and Females : Sudhir Borgonha, Rebecca Kuriyan, Cristina Petracchi, Anna Perro-Luzzi and Anura V. Kurpad ...47

Comparison of Pulmonary Function amongst Ladakhi, Delhi, Vanvasi and Siddi Female Athletes : S. C. Lakhera and T. C. Kain ...52

Biological Phenomena within a Pyramid Model - A Preliminary Study on Wound Healing : B. G. Subba Rao ...57

Role of Life-Style on Plasma and Erythrocyte Membrane Lipid Profile in Gastric Cancer Patients : S. Manoharan, K. Kavitha and S. Nagini ...62

Effect of Premenstrual Stress on Audiovisual Reaction Time and Audiogram : S. Das, A. Gandhi and S. Mondal ...67

Progressive Increase in Critical Flicker Fusion Frequency Following Yoga Training : P. Ramana Vani, R. Nagarathna, H. R. Nagendra and Shirley Telles ...71

Effect of Aminophylline on Muslce Fatigue : S. S. Sircar and O. P. Tandon ...75

Event Related Evoked Potentials in Hypertensive Subjects : O. P. Tandon and M. K. Joan ...79

Study of Pulmonary Functions in Swimmers of Lucknow City : Prateek K. Mehrotra, Narsingh. Verma, Rajkumar Yadav, Sunita Tewari and Neerja Shukla ...83

Visual Evoked Responses in Megaloblastic Anemia : A. K. Sood, A. Mahajan, S. Sood and S. P. Yadav ...8

Short Communications

A Comparison of Peak Expiratory Flow Rates obtained with the Morgan Spirocheck and Mini Peak Flow Meter ; H. D. Singh, Sarada Subranrnanyam and M. Varagunan ...91