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Table of Contents
Volume 46 - No.4:October 2002

Guest Editorials

One Hundred Years of Secretion, The First Hormone Discovered
Chitra Piliai …389

Endocrinology in the Last Century
Suresh V. Sagarad…393

Review Article

Pain Measurement: A Formidable Task
Sanjay Kumar, O. P. Tandon and R. Mathur …396 

Original Articles

Modulation of lnterleukin-8 Receptor Expression by Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and Phorbol Myristate Acetate (PMA) in Human Peripheral Monocytes — A Preliminary Study
Biswadev Bishayi and Ajoy K. Samanta  ... 407 

Distribution of Prognostically Unfavourable Product of c-erbB-2 Oncogene and EGF-R in Carcinomas of the Breast and Uterine Cervix
A. Ray, S. L. D. Naik and B. Sharma ... 423 

Role of Catecholaminergic Terminals in the Preoptic Area in Behavioural Thermoregulation in Rats
Rakhi Pal, Hruda Nanda Mallick and Velayudhan Mohan Kumar      ... 434 

Effect of Experimental Diabetes and Vagotomy on Gastric Emptying in Rats
Nalin Mehta, Susheela Veliath and D. P. Thombre       ... 441 

Auditory Evoked Responses during Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle
Asha Yadav, O. P. Tandon and Neelam Vaney ... 449 

Mechanism of Action of a Hypoglycemic Principle Isolated from Fenugreek Seeds
D. Puri, K. M. Prabhu and P. S. Murthy    ... 457 

Involvement of 5-HT1A and 5-HT2 Receptor in Cisplatin Induced Emesis in Dogs
Y. K. Gupta and S. S. Sharma ... 463 

Mechanism of Cytotoxicity of Ribavirin in the Rat Bone Marrow and Testis
Urban J. A. D’Souza and Narayana K.      ... 468 

Lipid Peroxidation in different Tissues: Effect of High Cholesterol and Fish Oil in the Diet
Sharmila Upadhya,  Kavitha, Prashanthi, Rajyalakshmi, Rohini P., Seetha, Sucharitha M. and Subramanya Upadhya            ... 475

Inhibitory Role of Syzygium Cumini on Autacoid-induced Inflammation in Rats
S. Muruganandan, S. Pant, K. Srinivasan, S. Chandra, S. K. Tandan, J. Lal and V. Ravi Prakash           ... 482

Effect of Meditation on Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System and Lipid Profile
Rashmi Vyas and Nirupama Dikahit        ... 487

Short Communications

The Effect of Ingestion of ECG on Serum Lipid Profile in Healthy Young Free-living Subjects
Gayatri Chakrabarty, R. L. Bijlani, S. C. Mahapatra, Nalin Mehta, R. Lakshmy, Suman Vashisht and S. C. Manchanda ... 492

Treadmill Training Accelerates Restoration of Locomotion after Complete Spinal Cord Transection in the Rat
T. Moshonkina, V. Auelev, Yu. Gerasimenko, R. Mathur and R. L. Bijlani     ... 499

Letters to the Editor 

Formation, Morphology and Fate of Multinucleated Cells (Symplasts) in the Rat Testis Exposed to 5-Fluorouracil
Urban J. A. D’Souza and Narayana K.      ... 504

Modulation of Development of Tolerance to Anticonvulsant Effect of Diazepam by Flumazenil
S. Tewary, P. K. Mediratta, P. Mahajan, K. K. Sharma and R. Bhandari        ... 507

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