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Volume 47 - No.1:January 2003 (index)
Indian J Physiol Pharmacol  2003;

Textbook of Physiology, Gabriel C. Ezetlo, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-565505-2. Year of Publication 2002

The first edition of this book has been written with a clear intention to cater physiological information to average students of Human Physiology and Allied Sciences at undergraduate or equivalent levels. In this book, the language is simple, the approach is traditional, and the organization of topics is conservative and concise. The basic principles of Human Physiology are well covered in this book.  At points, the Author has attempted to connect the basic physiological information with well-known practical exercises in experimental physiology, as well as, with clinical practices; this should be of good help to the readers. This book has twelve sections with 45 chapters along with 261 figures and 27 tables in a total of 558 pages. The figures are generally well drawn along with good labels and legends.The author has included an appendix on SI units, and a list of recommended texts for further reading in general physiology and in specialized topics. However, for some unknown reason the author has not referred to the recent editions for a few books that he has included in the list, and omitted some very essential references. Overall it is a good production with very good binding and it is reasonably priced (Rs. 595). The author is a Professoiof Physiology at College of Medicine, University of Malawi .


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