Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 50 - Number 2 April - 2006

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Guest Editorial

A Century of unity in Contiguity : S . Manjunatha... 93

Review Article

Calcium - Transporters in Myocardial Cells : Sathya Subramani and Prasanna Kumar T. Subhanna... 99

Original Articles

Strong Ion Difference Excess and Corrected Strong Ion Difference Model Incorporating the Variations in Apparent Dissociation Constant for human Blood Plasma Electro-Neutrality Equilibria : Amar P.S Rana, Sam Pal Rana and Sumarjeet Singh ... 114

Slow Ca2+ channels Neither Contribute to Upstroke of Action Potential Nor to Pacemaker Potential in Spontaneously Active Freshly Isolated Three day Embryonic Chick Ventricle : P. Prakash and O. Tripathi ... 121

Effect of Terminalia Arjuna Stem Bark on Antioxidant Status in Liver and Kidney of Alloxan Diabetic Rats : B. Raghavan  and S. Krishna  Kumari ... 133

Pharmalogical Evaluation of Packyrrhizus Erosus (L) Seeds for Central Nervous System Depressant Activity : Mohd.  Abid,  H. J . Hrishikeshavan  and Mohammed  Asad ... 143

Experimental Study of Oculocardiac Reflex (OCR) with Graded Stimuli : Indu Khurana , Rajeev  Sharma and A . K  Khurana ... 152

Protective Effect of Endot Elin Antagonist ( TAK-044) on Neuronal Cell Viability in In Vitro Oxygen -  Glucose Deprivation Model of Stroke : Seema Briyal , Aditya  B. Pant and  Y. K  Gupta ... 157

Wound Healing Activity of Ocimum Sanctum Linn with Supportive Role of Antioxidant Enzymes : Somashekar Shetty , Saraswati Udupa, Laxminarayana Udupa and Nagabhushana Somayaji ... 163

Effects of  Captopril and Losartan on Thermal and Chemical Induced Pain in Mice : Rohit ,  Chakradhar Rao US,  Gopala Krishna  HN... 169

Evaluation of Cognitive Brain Functions in Caffeine Users P3 Evoked Potential Study : Abhinav Dixit ,  Neelam  Vaney  and O. P  Tandon ... 175

Prediction of Maximal Oxygen Consumption from Body Mass , Height and Body Surface Area in Young Sedentary Subjects : Satpatti Chatterjee , Pratima Chaterjee  and Amit Bandyopadhyay ... 181

Short Communications

Effect of  A One- Month Yoga Training Program on Performance in a Mirror Tracing Task : Shirley Telles , P. Praghuraj , Abhijit Ghosh and H . R  Nagendra ... 187

Letter to Editor

Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation and Exercise Training  on Serum Enzymes After Acute Exhaustive Exercise : Anumeha  Bhagat, Sushma Gupta , Jalaj Saxena , H . C Tandon , Dolly  Rastogi  and Hemant Bhagat ... 191

Effect of Experimenter - Administered Ethanol on avoidance Learning- A Study in Ethanol Deprived Rats : Raju  S.  Kumar , M. G  Kamathi  and  M. Maneesh ... 195

News and Announcement

News and Announcement: ...198