Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 50 - Number 3 July - 2006

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Evolution of Medical Application of Syringe : ...199

Review Article

Meditation and Mental Well Being : Ratna Sharma ... 205

Original Articles

Effect of Hexogenous Selenium on the Testicular Toxicity Induced by Ethanol in Rats : S S Swathy, Seema Panicker and M Indira ...215

Evaluation of Memory in Abacus Learners : Mythili Bhaskaran, Anu sengottaiyan, Sangeetha madhu and Vasanthi Ranganathan ...225

New Method of Electrode Placement fo Determination of Cardiac Output using Impedance Cardiography : Pradip B Barde, Ghanshyam D Jindal, Rajvir Singh and Kishore K Deepak ...234

Effect of Aqueous Extract of Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Leaves on Offensive and Defensive Gastric Mucosal Factors in Rats : D Dorababu, M C Joshi, Bhawani G M, Mohan Kumar, Aditi Chaturvedi and R K Goel ...241

Effect of Simulated Ascent to 3500 meter on Neuro-Endocrane Functions : Usha Panjwani, Lalan Thakur, J P Anand and P K Banerjee ...250

A Study of Stress and Autonomic Nervous Function in First Year Undergraduate Medical Students : K Shrinivasan, Mario Vaz and S Sucharita ...257

Anti-Seizure efficacy of Nimodipine in pentylenetetrazole and Kainic Acid Combined Seizure Models in Mice : R Shitak, A K Sahai, D Hota and A Chakrabarti ....265

Effects of Smoking on Lipid profile and Lipid Peroxidation in Normal Subjects : A Venkatesan, A Hemalatha, Zachariah Bobby, N Selvaraj and V Sathiyapriya ...273

An Evaluation of Thyroid Hormaone Status and Oxidative Stress in Undialyzed Chronic Renal Failure Patients : Pon Ajil Singh, Zahariah Booby, N Selvaraj and R Vinayagamoorthi ...279

Effect of Short Term Cigarette Smoking on Insulin Resistance and Lipid Profile in Asymptomatic Adults : Vani gupta, Sunita Tiwari, C G Agarwal, Pallavi Shukla, Harish Chadra and Pooja Sharma ...285

Alcohol Abuse-duration Dependent Decrease in Plasma Testosterone and Antioxidants in Males : M Maneesh, Sanjiba Dutta, Amit Chakrabarti and D M Vasudeven .. 291

Antioxidant Activity of Albizzia lebeeck (Linn.) Benth. in Alloxan Diabetic Rats : C R Resmi, M R Venukumar and M S Latha ...297

Short Communications

Base Excess Significantly Corrected for the Variations in Apparent Dissociation Constant for Human blood Gas Testing: Amar P S Rana, Sam Pal Rana, Jay Pal Rana and Taranpreet Kaur ...303

Intrastrain Variations in Anxiolytic Effect of Nitrazepam in Mice : P Venugopal Reddy and Kshama Devi ...309

Letter to Editor

Pulmonary Fucntion Tests in Saw Mill Factory Workers : Dudhmal V B, Sayeda Afroz, Jadhav S S and Karadkhedkar S S ...313

Gender Differences in Vasoconstrictor Reserve : M Senthilvelou, Pavithran Purushothaman, Rachna Krishna and E. Senkaranarayanan Prakash ...316

A Study of Fatiguing Isometric Contractions of the Human First Dorsal Interosseous Muscle : Elizabeth Tharion ...319

List of Referees

List of Referees - 2005... 322

News and Announcement

News and announcement ...324