Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 51 - Number 3 July - 2007

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Guest Editorial

The End of An Era : Ramesh Bijlani... 213

Review Article

Understanding Safety of Glutamate in Food and Brain : H.N.Mallick... 216

Original Articles

Assessment of Respiratory and Sympathetic Cardiovascular Parameters in Obese School Children : K.Shi Nageswari,Rajeev Sharma and Diyanshoo Rai Kohli  ... 235

Pulmonary Functions in Petrol Pump Workers : A Preliminary Study : Mayank Singhal,Farah Khaliq,Siddarth Singhal and O.P. Tandon  ... 244

Decline in Respiratory Performance of Varanasi Population in 22 Years : A Cross- Sectional Study : A.K. De,M.B.Mandal and S.Kumar ... 249

The Effects of Carbamazepine on Sperm Morphology in Wistar Rats : Shetty Akhila Jagadish and Narayana K ... 255

The Medical Septum Acts Through the Medical Preoptic Area for Thermoregulation and Works with it for Sleep Regulation : Rajagopalan Srividya, Hruda Nanda Mallick and Velayudhan Mohan Kumar ...261

Investgation on the Effect of Eclipta Alba on Animal Modals of Learning and Memory : Otilia Banji,David Banji, Annamalai A.R. and Manavalan R ... 274

Effect of Excersice on Rate Pressure Product in Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Women with Coronary Artery Disease : Sangeeta Nagpal,Lily Walia,Hem lata,Nerash Sood and G.K.Ahuja ...279

Status of Lipid Peroxidation,Glutathione,Ascorbic Acid,Vitamin E and Antioxidatnt Enzymes in Patients with Pregnancy- Induced Hypertension : Krishna Mohan S. and Venkataramana G.  ...284

Status of Lipid Peroxidation and Plasma Iron Level in Bronchial Asthmatic Patients : Narula M.K.,Ahuja G.K.,Whig J.,Narang A.P.S. and Soni R.K....289

Correlation of Antioxidants and Fitness Levels in Undergraduate Medical Students : Chawla K.,Mishra R.,Sachdeva V. and Beenu ...293

Letter to Editor

A Study to Compare the Effectiveness of GSR Biofeedback Training and Progerssive Muscle RelaxationTranining in Reducing Blood Pressure and Respiratory Rate Among Highly Stressed Individuals : Archana Khanna,Maman Paul and Jaspal Singh Sandhu ...296

Phosphate Transport by the Everted Intestinal and Gallbladder Sacs of the Frog : Sareesh N.N. and J. Prakasa Rao ... 301

R-R Variability from Standard 12 Lead ECG May Be Useful for Assessment of Autonomic Nervous Function : Sucharita S.,Srinavasan K.,Kevin K.,Genesh A.S. and Vaz M.   ...303


Erratum : ...306

News and Announcement

News and announcement ...306