Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 51 - Number 4 Oct - 2007

Guest Editorial
Review Articles
Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor

Guest Editorial

Creativity in Biomedical Research : K.P.Kochhar... 307

Review Article

Molecular Correlates of Syncytialization in Muscle and Placenta : Manisha Kar,Debabrata Ghosh and Jayasree Sengupta... 311

Original Articles

Sleep Duration of an Individual has Adverse Influence on Auditory Episodic Memory : Desh Bandhu Nepal, Tushant Kumar, Maloy B. Mandal and Shripad B. Deshpande ... 326

Role of Temporalis Muscle Over Activity in Chronic Tension Type Headache : Effect of Yoga Based Management : R.Bhatia, G.P.Dureja, M. Tripathi,M.Bhattacharjee,R. L. Bijlani and R.Mathur  ... 333

Protective Effect of Withania Somnifera Dunal Root Extract Against Protracted Social Isolation Induced Behavior in Rats : Girdhari Lal Gupta and Avtar Chand Rana  ... 345

Simulation of Physiology Experiment - An Alternative to Animal Use : K. Sri Nageswari, M. Syamala Devi and Rajeev Sharma ... 354

Bees Wax Polyphenols as Suppressor of CCI4 -induced Oxidative Stress in Rats : K. R. AnilaKumar, K. R. S. Krishna, G. Candramohan, F.Khanum and A. S. Bawa ... 361

Role of Bromocriptine and Pyridoxine in Premenstrual Tension Syndrome : P. Sharma, S. Kulshreshtha,G. Mohan S. Singh and A. Bhagoliwal.  ... 368

Effect of Buspirone on Dopamine Dependent Behaviour in Rats : A. G. Dhavalshankh, S. A. Jadhav, R. V. Gaikwad, R. k. Gaonkar,V. M. Thorat and J. J. Balsara ... 375

Effect of Centchroman on Cellular and Humoral Immunity : Licto Thomas, Mohammad Asad, Heremaglur Jagannath Hrishikeshavan,Gowda Kallenahalli Chandrakala ... 387

Age Related Change in Postural Stability : Diganta Borah, Sanjay Wadhwa, Upenderpal Singh, Shiv Lal Yadav, Manasi Bhattacharjee and Sindhu V ... 395

Effect of Mathacrylonitrile on Membrane Bound Enzymes of Rat Brain : A. Zeenath Unnisa and S. Niranjali Devaraj ... 405

Gender Specificity of Sucrose Induced Analgesia in Human Adults : Manasi Bhattacharjee, Renu Bhatia and Rsashmi Mathur  ... 410

Letter to Editor

Emergent Issues for Physiologists of Today and Tomorrow : N. Suresh Baboo  ... 415

Chloroquine  and  Pregnancy : R. G. Cooper   ... 418

Teaching Physiology by poetry - An Ode to Nephros : K.P.Kochhar... 421


Noble Prize in Physiology for the Year 2007 : Ashok Kumar Jaryal... 423


Index to volume No. 1-4 (2007) : .... 425