Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 52 - Number 4 Oct - 2008

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Guest Editorial

HDL-C As a New Parsdigm in Atherosclerotic Diseases : S. Shilpha and K.L. Bairy.. 319

Review Article

Dietary Spices in Health and Diseases (II) : K. P. Kochhar ... 327

Original Articles

Does the Maternal Micronutrient Deficiency (Copper or Zinc or Vitamin E) Modulate the Expression of Placental 11 Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase-2 Per Se Predispose Offspring to Insulin Resistance and Hypertension in Later Life ? : J. F. Rosario , M. P. Gomez and P. Anbu  ... 355

4-Aminopyridine- induced Contracture in Frog Ventricle is due to Calcium released from Intracellular Stores : A. Bhaskar , P. K. Subbanna, S. Arasan, J. Rajapathy, J. P. Rao and S. Subramani ... 366

Evaluation of Dynamic Function Tests in Normal Obese Individuals : Yogesh Saxena , Vartika Saxena , Jyoti Dvivedi and R. K. Sharma... 375

Correlation of Pulmonary Function Tests with Body Fat Percentage in Young Individuals : Anuradha R. Joshi, Ratan Singh and A . R. Joshi... 383

Prevalence and Severity of Dysmenorrhea : A Problem Related to Menstruation, Among First and Second Year Female Medical Students : Amita Singh, Dukhu Kiran, Harminder Singh, Bithika Nel, Prabhakar Singh and Pavan Tiwari ... 389

A Method for Computerised Recoding and Analysis of High Frequency Biopotentials (Oscillometry) : R. E. Mendanha... 398

Oxidized LDL and Paraoxanase Status in Ischemic Stroke Patients : Purnima Dey Sarkar and Sushree S. Rautaray ... 403

Comparative Study of NBT Reduction Method for Estimation of Glycated Protein ( Serum Fructoseamine) with Glycated HbA1c Estimated on DCA 2000 + Analyzer ( Immunoagglutination Inhibition) : Ashok Sahu and Purnima Dey Sarkar... 408

Short Communications

Effect of Paternal Smoking on the Pulmonary Functions of Adolescent Males : Eishaan K. Bhargava and Farah Khaliq... 413

Effect of Raja Yoga Meditation on the Lipid Profile of Post- Menopausal Women : Rashmi Vyas, Kanti V. Raval and Nirupama Dikshit... 420


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