Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 53 - Number 3 Oct - 2009

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Scientists Playing God! : ..195

Original Articles

A Systems Bilogy Approach Towards Understanding the Process of Blastocyst Implantation : A.R. Najwa, Jayasree Sengupta and D Ghosh ...197

Effects of Daily Cholopromazine Adminstration on Behavioural and Physiological Parameters in the Rat : S. E. D Nsimba ... 209

Effects of Thyroxone Therapy on Autonomic Status in Hypothyroid Patients : Vijaya Lakshmi, N Vaney and S. V. Madhu ... 219

Comparison of Cardiac Autonomic Activity Between Pre and Post Meopausal Woman using Heart Rate Variability : Shailaja S. Moodithaya and Sandhya T. Avadhany ... 227

Evaluation of Allocentric Spatial Learning in Rats using a Novel "Alternated Dual Task" : Praveen Kottath Veetil and Joseph Kurian Mukkadan ... 235

Sympathovagal Imbalance in Thyroid dysfunctions in Females : Correlation with Thyroid Profile, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure : S Karthik, G. K. Pal, Nivedita Nada, Abdoul Hamide, Zachariah Bobby, D Amudharaj and Pravati Pal ... 243

Correlation Among Routine Semen Parameters, Sperm Viability and malondialdehyde Levels in Human Subjects with different Fertility Potential : Piyali Das, A. r. Choudhari, A. K. Singh and Ramji Singh ... 253

Anthropometric Measurements as Predictors of Intraabdominal Fat Thickness : Roopakala M. S., Anagha Suresh, Ashtalakshmi, Srinath, Ashok Giridhar, Anand and Wilma Delphine Silvia ... 259

Hepatotoxic Effects of Vincristine : An Experimental Study on Albino Rats : Rashi upmanyu, Jyoti dvivedi and Yogesh Saxena ... 265

Variation in common Lipid Parameters in Malaria Infected Patients : Krishna A. P., Chandrika, Suchetha, Manasa Acharya and Shrikant L Patil ... 271

Effect of Isometric Quadricep Activation on "Q" angle in Young Females : Aparna Sarkar, Shaily Razdan, Joginder yadav, Nitesh Bansal, Suman Kuhar and Preeti Pahuja ... 275

Short Communications

Effect of Limb Dominance on Motor Nerve Conduction : Seema Bhorania and Rati B. Ichaporia .... 279

Letter to Editor

Hypoactivity of Wister Rats Exposed to Mobile Phone on Elevated Plus Maze : Raju Suresh Kumar, Sareesh N. N., Satheesha Nayak and Maneesh Mailankot ... 283

News and Announcement

News and Announcement : .... 287