Volume 57 - Number 2 April - 2013

Orignial Articles
Short Communications

Original Ariticle

VO2 Max in an Indian Population : A Study to Understand the Role of Factors Determining VO2 Max : Nitin YM, Sucharita S., Madhura M., Thomas T. and Sandhya T.A. ...87

Assessment of Myocardial Mechanics in Overweight and Obese Indian Subjects : Anil Kumar Pandey, Asim Das, Sreehari Babu M., Himabindu Y., Nazia Farha, R. Parvati and Varsha Vijay Akhade ...95

In Vitro Study of Acetylcholine and Histamine Induced Contractions in Colon and Rectum of Adult and Neonate Rats : Shuchita Singh and Maloy B. Mandal ..104

A Randomised Controlled Trial of Exercise and Hot Water Bottle in the Management of Dysmenorrhoea in School Girls of Chandigarh, India : Aditi Chaudhuri, Amarjeet Singh and Lakhbir Dhaliwal ...114

Association of Pattern Reversal VEP Parameters with the Mean Defect of Humphrey Visual Field in Patients of Primary Open Angleglaucoma : Ruchi Kothari, Ramji Singh, Smita Singh and Pradeep Bokariya ...123

Protective Effect of Glutathione Against Isoproterenol Induced Myocardial Injury in Rats : Sudha M, Rajkumar D and John Willams Felix ...132

Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Auditory and Visual Reaction Times : A Prospective Study : Monika Garg, Hem Lata, Lily Walia and Omesh Goyal ...138

Cardiac Autonomic Activity in Overweight and Underweight Young Adults : Pushpa Krishna, Deepa Rao and Vishal V. Navekar ...146

Effect of Yoga on Short Term Heart Rate Variability Measure as a Stress Index in Subjunior Cyclists : A Pilot Study : Satish G. Patil, Lata M. Mullur, Jyoti P. Khodnapur, Gopal B. Dhanakshirur and Manjunatha R. Aithala ...153

The Effect of Vocal and Instrumental Music on Cardio Respiratory Variables, Energy Expenditure and Exertion Levels During Sub Maximal Treadmill Exercise : Savitha D., Sejil T.V., Shwetha Rao, Roshan C.J. and Sandhya T. Avadhany ...159

Comparison of Cardiorespiratory Responses Between Surya Namaskar and Bicycle Exercise at Similar Energy Expenditure Level : Biswajit Sinha, Tulika Dasgupta Sinha, Anjana Pathak and O.S. Tomer ...169

Efficacy and Tolerability of Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) in Patients of Osteoarthritis of Knee : Paramdeep Gil ...177

Short Communication

Effect of Indoor Air Pollution During Cooking on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate and its Association with Exposure Index in Rural Women : Neelam D. Sukhsohale, Uday W. Narlawar, Mrunal S. Phatak, Sanjay B. Agrawal and Suresh N. Ughade ...184

Attenuation of Serum Ferritin and Iron Burden by Intake of Antioxidants in Beta Thalassemia Major : Sonali S. Bhagat, Purnima Dey Sarkar, Adinath N. Suryakar, Ramchandra K. Padalkar, Rahul A. Ghone, Sangita M. Patil and Prakash S. Hundekar ...189

Gum Arabic Enhances Paracellular Transport of Water in Amphibian Everted Small Intestinal Segments : M Kirtana Pai, S Chetan, J Prakasa Rao, Ritesh Kumar, Vikas Kumar and Rishikesh Kumar ...195

Immediate Effects of Suryanamaskar on Reaction Time and Heart Rate in Female Volunteers : Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Meena Ramanathan, R. Balaji and D. Pushpa ...199

A Comparative Study Between Different Pain Rating Scales in Patients of Osteoarthritis : Mohammed Shakeel Mohammed Bashir, Ajay Khade, Praful Borkar, Mohammed Saleem, Vanteddu Lingaswamy and Dinesh Reddy ...205

Assessment of Nerve Conduction Study to Establish Most Common Electrophysiological Predictor of Lumbosacral Radiculopathy Among Radiologically Diagnosed L5S1 Neural Foramina Compression Cases : Balaji W. Ghugare, Ramji K. Singh, Kisan R. Patond and Manjiri U. Joshi ...209