Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 61 - Number 1 January - 2017

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Medical Education
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Sixty Years of the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology (IJPP) : An introspection: : K K Deeapk ...1

Original Articles

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep Deprivation Reduces Pain Perception in Sciatic Nerve-ligated Wistar Rats; Involvement of Muscarinic Autonomic Receptor(s) : B.V. Owoyele and A.D. Salaudeen... 3

Effect of Hyperventilation on Excitability of The Human Cortex and Cardiac Autonomic Variability :Rashmi Neginhal, Anita Herur, Uday Ambi, Roopa Ankad, Sukanya Badami and Shailaja Patil...7

Does Heart Rate Variability Predict Human Cognitive Performance at Higher Memory Loads? : Suriya Prakash Muthukrishnan, John Preetham Gurja and Ratna Sharma...14

Physiological Implications of Occupational Heat Stress for Maintenance Workers in a Residential Complex in Chennai – An Exploratory Intervention Trial : Krishnan S., Archana P Kumar, Maruthy K. N., Jeremiah, Padmavathi R. and Vidhya Venugopal ...23

Evaluation of Empirical Usage of Respiratory Medications in Treatmentof Patients Presenting With Chronic Lower Respiratory Symptoms During Spirometric Screening : Sujoy Mukherjee, Debajyoti Das, Goutam Banerjee and Anil Baran Singha Mahapatra...30

Correlation between FEV1 Percentage Predicted and 6 Minute Walk Distance In Patients of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease :Nishant Kumar Chauhan, Parul Sanwaria, Surjit Singh, Naveen Dutt, Lokesh Saini, Sunil Kumar, Ashok Kuwal, Suryakant and Ajay Kumar Verma....38

Objective Evaluation of The Effect of Visual Imagery With Closed Eyes on Retinal Activity in Humans : M. Aswin Kumar and Ch. N. Rajkumari ...43

Duration of Swimming Practice Among Elite Swimmers Exerts Differential Effect on Large and Small Airway Function : A. Deepali, P.N. Ravindra, M.V. Shobha, Pralay Mujumdar and M. Mandal ..52

Effect of Exercise Intensity on Body Composition in Overweight and Obese Individuals : K. Umamaheswari, Y. Dhanalakshmi, S. Karthik, Nitin Ashok John and Rehena Sultana ...58

Medical Education

Change in Learning Preferences From Pre-clinical to Clinical Course of Undergraduate Medical Students– A Longitudinal Study : R. Aswini Dutt, Shobith Bangera, N. Varun and Jagadeesh Rao Padubidri...65

Adding Value to Multiple Choice Questions Banking : An AIIMS Patna Experience : Tribhuwan Kumar, Yogesh Kumar, Kamlesh Jha and Ramji Singh ....70

Short Communication

Yoga Practice in a School Setting Positively Impacts Self-esteem : A 13 Month Follow-up Study : Abhishek K. Bhardwaj and Shirley Telles...76

Sub-clinical High Altitude Pulmonary Edema in Lowlanders at 3600 m : An Observational Study : Gaurav Sikri, BAK Prasad, B.A. Muthanna, Srinivasa Bhattachar, Roma Rai and Anurag Khera ...80

Letter to Editor

Dr. Chandrashekhar Apte ....84